We built a search engine, and it’s private

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Privacy built into the core

What is a private search engine?

Our findx search engine is transparent and completely private – it does not collect or share your search history or online habits, or use them to personalise search results. Findx is independent – it is not a metasearch engine – you can contribute to make each search result better.

Take control of the trackers

A myriad of third party trackers collect data on your online habits, and use it to stalk you with advertising or worse. Privacontrol is integrated into your browser and was developed to make it easy for you to take control and choose exactly what data you share online.

Can I browse in private?

Popular browsers do not, by default, provide any privacy protection – they leave you completely exposed to online tracking technologies. Privafox provides privacy by default, and makes it easy for you to control what data you share online, to protect you from third party tracking.

Privacy as default

We have made it our mission to provide you with solutions that protect the decisions you make online. Our goal is to empower you in ways that ensure your privacy, and let you have personal control over your information. We want to enable you to act freely in your own self-interest as a consumer.

We want to limit online tracking and the targeting of consumers – in its current form and as it may evolve – so that people can choose which information they reveal. Everyone should be able to base their decisions on timely and relevant information. This information should be readily understandable, no matter which device they use

We believe transparency builds trust

The web should be transparent. You should be able to browse and search freely, and be sure that search algorithms do not hide information from you, or secretly bias results based on your online history. Your privacy should not be sacrificed when you are online.

At Privacore we want to create online transparency by providing web search algorithms that can be accessed and adjusted by you, and by creating awareness about and protection from personal tracking techniques on the web.
We want you to have a safe option to the current surveillance capitalism.
We want to be open and honest about our services, without causing any harm.
We will share as much of our source code as possible.

findx - the transparent and private search engine

By enabling people to choose how the search engine produces results, Privacore has created a transparent search engine. We made sure everyone can have the same experience when searching the web and find the same information, not influenced by their previous searches or other online habits. We don’t collect and share your private data – findx respects your privacy. Our web search results are not from third parties – findx is independent, it is not a metasearch engine. We built it to give you a real private search engine alternative.