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Do Not Track me

Privacore honors Do Not Track, and also decide not på use tracking scripts on this website.

About the privacy support

Privacy built into the core

findx - your private & independent search engine from Europe

Alright we admit that this is a high ambition to set. Nevertheless, we decided to give it a go – we want to create a private an independent search engine that respects your online privacy, isn’t tracking you and does not save your search history.

PrivaControl - Control who is tracking you!

Creators on the internet earn money when they post content and show ads – it seems like a fair business model. Then there is the third party tracking that looks at your behaviour and correlate it with your searches. PrivaControl aims to give control over fair advertising vs. tracking and can be heavily personalised by you.

Privafox - Browse with privacy as default

When you are browsing the internet it is most likely done by using one of the most known browsers, like Google’s Chrome or Microsoft’s IE or Edge. By using these browsers’ default settings, your online life is ..ahem… not very private. By using Privafox, you choose to use a browser that respects your privacy by default.