Speaking at the first ever DataEthics meetup

Privacy by Design is the topic of the first ever Dataethics meetup and Privacore are proud to be invited to speak.

The audience will get an introduction to our products and how we build privacy into the core of them, why we belive Privacy by Design is needed and how we plan for a business model where we know very little about our users.


You can also hear about Article 12 an Blackphone – all talks will circle the topic of Privacy by Design and you can expect to learn more about how to take control over you own data, on smartphones, private search and other concrete products and services, some are already on the market and others, like Privacores are soon to be.


Join the conference and hear why the three speakers are betting on a bright future for their products in a new market where privacy is by default in opposition to the known players and the massive data collection and tracking. It is about trends, targetgroups, market and investments.


The meetup will be held on 10. March 2016 in Copenhagen

See the event details and the full program on dataethics.eu (in Danish)

> You can already now get a preview of the speakers notes on medium.com  

Event organiser

The event is organised by DataEthics.eu and participation requires you are a member of the DataEthics think thank.

About DatEthics.eu

DataEthics.eu is a politically independent ThinkDoTank based in Denmark with a European (and global) outreach. DataEthics.eu work to promote data ethical products and services, and their approach is constructive and action-oriented.

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