We support Do Not Track

In our products and services we do not collect personal information about you. In addition we also want to promise you a fair privacy when you communicate with us. We will let you choose if you want to participate and send anonymised behavioural data to us – we put all of it together in our privacy promise

We support Do Not Track because we think it’s really important that you have a simple way to control how your info gets used. That’s  why we honor DNT as a signal for how you want us to use data we collect in your communications with us. What is the Do Not Track standard?

In addition we want to let you decide when to opt-out and in of the data collection on privacore.com – you can do so on in the footer on any page of the website*. We will like your participation, but we made it your choice whether you want to participate or not.

Enabling Do Not Track

How to enable Do Not Track in FirefoxInternet ExplorerSafariChromeOpera

You can see if you have enabled Do Not Track in the bottom left corner of this page – if you managed to do it you will see this text:

You are not being tracked since your browser is reporting that you do not want to. This is a setting of your browser so you won’t be able to opt-in until you disable the ‘Do Not Track’ feature.


We will like you to participate

If you do not mind participating your data will anonymised (IP address is hidden like 192.168.x.x), but your behaviour will be collected in our self-hosted PIWIK analytics platform for the  company website and forum. By hosting our analytics platform our self we are able to promise you privacy and give you control of your information when you communicate with us.




*you can do so on in the footer on any page of the website: If you don’t have javascript enabled, you will not see the opt-out feature.