Watch Privacore speak about Data ethics and privacy products

At the event in Copenhagen the 10. March, Privacore was invited to speak about privacy by design. Privacy by Design is one of the core elements for Privacore products and you can watch the video to learn more about how data collection creates insecurity and also about the products build by Privacore.


Do we need privacy?

Does it scare me if the National Intelligence Service does some serious surveillance — well It does if laws are not kept, but it doesn’t scare me as such, at least not the Danish one, I believe we have a solid democracy, and are sure watchdogs like Peter Kofoed and Anders Kjærulff will speak up and enlighten us when it gets a bit slippery, and at this point it is good enough for me.

Today private companies are tracking your behaviour…and collection all the metadata you create — it is obvious that someone is having a hunch about what you have been looking at and what you have been searching for….

If you want to read the full speaker notes, you can read it here:
“Privacore speakers notes from Dataethics event”

You can watch more presentations from the event at the DataEthics web site

Event organiser

The event is organised by – and took place 10. March 2016 in Copenhagen

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