What if we did this to the privacy policy?

A privacy policy is not the most friendly piece of text you can read, or for that matter, write. When editing Privacore’s privacy policy (more about that later), I wondered if it could be shorter, more to the point, and not try to explain the details in overly technical terms.

“Free isn’t Freedom” a Psychologist writes

At the same time, I was (as usual) following the news stream about online privacy, behavioural tracking and free search alternatives to Google, and stumbled over this article about Free isn’t Freedom by Robert Epstein, PhD (@DrREpstein), a Senior Research Psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology

Mr. Epstein’s article inspired me to give it a go, so here it is:

 The deal when you use Privacore’s services

What you get

You get to use our free and private services.

  • You can search anonymously and findx, our free and private search engine, will give you answers without relating them to your other activities.
  • You get map search and route planning; we won’t know where you go.
  • You can search for images and videos, and no one will know about it before you click on them and leave our service.
  • You can use our shopping search to find what you like without anyone knowing.
  • You get Privafox, a browser that lets you control who tracks your online activities.

It’s a lot of freedom to have for free! But with freedom comes responsibility, and you have the opportunity to improve the search results you find, to participate in our community and share your experiences.

What we get

A chance to prove we can build a great service, and a lot of fun and hard work.

  • We expect to get millions of happy users, really we do – Please just tell us if you’re not happy!
  • We get the chance to show you some contextual ads and affiliate links – That’s how we make money.
  • We get a huge collection of internet sites, that needs to be weeded.
  • We hope you’ll participate and give feedback.

The fine print

You are free to choose online freedom and privacy by using our services.

  • We do not keep any history of your browsing behaviour, search history or your IP-address.
  • We do not collect any personal identifiable information about you.
  • We don’t tell anyone who you are — neither advertisers nor other third parties.
  • We don’t know what you search for when you use our services – but you need to know that when clicking on an image, watching a video, or shopping for a pair of jeans , you will leave our service.

For even further details read the Privacore Privacy Promise.

What do you think about doing this to a privacy policy?

Feel free to give feedback and share your thoughts with the team here.


Privacy Policy updated

What we changed in the Privacy policy in September 2016

At Privacore we wrote a Privacy policy for our services, we call it our Privacy Promise, and recently we updated it due to changes in the section about the information we collect on this website, and in Cultivate, our forum.  We recently decided not to use tracking scripts, that we have been using from our own Piwik installation so far, but go for log files only.

In addition we also prepared to remove the scripts for the analytics in our mailling lists about who reads, and clicks on links in our mails – we have now removed it in our own Sendy installation, and it will be activated for all subscribers later this month.

Feel free to subscribe your self, just below this post for the newsletter, or for apply for a beta login to findx