We are now a Champion at StaySafeOnline

The National Cyber Security Alliance started StaySafeOnline as a response to the growing threats to online privacy in our ever-evolving digital lives.

StaySafeOnline.org aims to empower and educate the global digital society to us the internet safely and securely. They provide a huge library of resources for internet users, educators, and business owners, including some excellent tip sheets, posters and videos, to help everyone protect their personal information online.

We have been approved as a Champion of online privacy

Privacore has been approved as a Champion this year, because we are dedicated to supporting online privacy and transparency with our product and services.

  • Findx is a transparent and private search engine, based in Europe, that does not rely on results from the main players – it is not a metasearch engine, and therefore is unbiased.
  • Privafox, unlike other browsers, has the highest level of online privacy by default – you don’t have to change any settings to keep your data safe.
  • Privacontrol, built into Privafox, enables you to control what online trackers see, and with this, protect yourself online.

StaySafeOnline has two main campaigns each year, and sponsors many smaller events as part of these campaigns.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, now in its seventh year.

Each week in NCSAM has its own theme. Last year’s themes were:

  • Online safety basics – security and privacy on computers, websites, mobile devices, email, and apps.
  • The culture of cybersecurity in the workplace – challenges faced by businesses, employees and customers.
  • Recognizing and combating cybercrime – tips to prevent or report identity theft, cyberbullying and online harassment.
  • Our continuously connected lives – issues surrounding the internet of things, smart homes and smart devices.
  • Building resilience in critical systems – keeping the internet, our utilities and other critical systems safe and available.

Data Privacy Day, January 28

Data Privacy Day is sponsored by many large companies, including Twitter, Cisco, and Intel. This year’s theme was Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data and Enabling Trust, with the focus on educating children about online safety, security and privacy.

A range of events throughout the year provide opportunities for people to learn about and discuss data privacy issues. Twitter chats, webinars, conferences, workshops, and more are running throughout 2017. Read more about the DPD2017 Events

Get involved

We’d love you to join the discussions in our online forum about online privacy and search engine transparency.

You can also get involved directly with the National Cyber Security Awareness Month and Data Privacy Day, even as an individual.  Read more about it here, and learn how to help protect yourself, your family, friends, and colleagues online.

Spread awareness of the issues surrounding online privacy today.