Findx closed beta update

We are getting ready for release!

We plan to roll out a major update to the findx private search engine backend shortly. This may lower the quality of search results and  perfomance will most like suffer a bit, but only for a short time.

Our journey in 2016 had its ups and downs

In March 2016, we presented findx at a event in Copenhagen – we believed we were on track, and we were sure that we would launch in May 2016.  It was a disappointment, one of the big ones – we couldn’t make it. We discovered we had some serious performance issues.

After we decided not to launch a public release in May 2016, we invited you into our search engine lab, to share the journey with you, and so began our closed beta.

Thank you so much for all of the feedback you have given us so far!

Behind the scenes, we had to do some major changes to the core code of findx, and it has been a difficult road to get a stable version ready. Those of you who follow Privacore’s GitHub activity will know we have put a lot of work into creating a new search engine — and we are proud of what we have achieved.

While we worked on the core code, we had to stop our crawler, the findxbot, that collects information to store in our web search index. This of course has affected the quality and relevance of the results findx returned during this closed beta period.

When the new release is up and running, you can expect findxbot to revisit your website — if you want to get in the queue, you can submit your website via the settings on findx, this feature will be available as soon as the new release is ready for beta release.

The release candidate is almost here

Now, in March 2017, we can say with great excitement – we are not far away from a release candidate. You’ll soon be able to try it if you have access to the closed beta.  (If you have not been a part of the closed beta until now, you still have time to sign up before we release it publicly).

The latest beta version will provide more accurate and relevant results as soon as the crawler restarts indexing the web. There are several frontend bug fixes and improvements on their way, as well as our new feature:

Improving search – This  feature allows you to report and improve the search results on findx. You can provide feedback for each search result to improve its relevance and the quality of findx. Try it out and let us know what you think. Can you find something to improve? (closed beta access needed)

Of course, we a have a few more surprises for you as we get closer to the release date.

May update: We are now in public beta! Everyone can now search in private at

Besides improving search we also see to as an obligation to share information about private search engines, and recently we had the opportunity to post an article about private search engines on

Share your impressions

We truly appreciate all of the feedback you send us, and everything is welcome, positive and negative! As beta tester, we’d love you to let us know what you think about findx in our community forum.

While waiting for the release candidate, you are most welcome invite your peers to try out findx