Basic features of findx, a private search engine

We are heading up to a public beta launch, so we’d like to share a bit more about our private search engine, findx. Just like traditional search engines, findx has a variety of useful features, but everything you do on findx is private.

May update: the findx public beta is now live: Everyone can now search with findx!

When you use findx, you are safe from surveillance, your online behaviour is not tracked. Read our Privacy Promise for more information

Let’s take a look at the basic features of findx.

No search history

Findx does not store your search history after displaying the results of your search. By default, your search terms are not passed to any web page you visit after searching on findx. Every time you search, it is as if it is the first time. Because we don’t save your history, we can’t share it with anyone. You can’t be tracked by advertisers around the web for things you searched for on findx.

This means that we don’t rank the search results based on your (or any person’s) search or click-through history. So we need your help.

You can improve search results

We readily admit that the most helpful and relevant results may not be at the top of the list – at least not during the findx beta. Search results should not be biased, they should be same for everyone – what you see is what everyone gets. But you can contribute by rating search results for quality and improve search results for everyone!

Great search result

Findx has collaborative quality ratings like many sites you are familiar with – likes on Facebook, favourites on Twitter, re-pins on Pinterest. For each result you can rate its quality, report broken links and malicious content, flag sites that are in the wrong language or adult content, and write a better description or title.

Shopping search

Findx doesn’t store your search terms even when you use the shopping search, so you can search for that birthday present for your partner or child, without worrying that ads for it will appear when someone else uses your computer or phone and browses the internet. You don’t want to spoil their surprise!

At the moment, we return results found on eBay, but will be adding more online retailers soon.

Private map search and route planning

Do you want to plan a surprise trip for your family? Your partner or kids will never be able to discover your destination in your search history – findx doesn’t save it. You also won’t be followed around the web with ads for things to see and do at your destination. Findx keeps your routes and location searches private.

We use OpenStreetMap for route planning, which quickly calculates and displays the best route.

Private route planning with findx

Private image search

Findx anonymously searches legitimate and popular image hosting sites which have high levels of moderation, you won’t need to worry about your children stumbling across unsafe images. You also won’t need to worry about violating copyright when your children use an image in a school assignment.

At the moment, we search Shutterstock’s huge database of photos and graphics – many are free, and you don’t even need a subscription if you choose to purchase a single image. We want to provide you with the best images, to keep your search information private, and your family safe.

Private video search

Most videos are hosted on one or two huge sites. To provide you with the best results, findx anonymously searches YouTube. Your search is private – we don’t link your search term to you. You can browse the results in private too. But, due to technical limitations, you can’t play videos without YouTube learning about your computer.

Private video search with findx

To limit the amount of tracking that YouTube does, as much as possible, use findx video search with our private browser, Privafox!

What’s your favourite?

Let us know what your favourite feature of findx is, if you need some support, or if you’d like us to add a new feature by leaving a message in our online community.

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