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Search results should not be biased, they should be same for everyone – what you see is what everyone gets. But search engines need to rank pages based on their usefulness.  Most do this by using everyone’s search history and in addition, recording your personal behaviour and then make search personalised for you, or biased as some will say. You have no control over these ‘quality rating’ methods. Read more about how search engines work

But when a private search engine does not use your personal history, they must find other ways to rank results.

We believe that asking you to contribute is the most natural and the best way to improve the search results.


Quality ratings

Almost everyone is familiar with collaborative quality ratings – likes on Facebook, favourites on Twitter, feedback ratings on Amazon, re-pins on Pinterest – most blogs and websites have some form of quality rating function.

Even some of the big search engines have started to employ teams of human quality raters, trying to reduce the number of offensive or untrustworthy results that still appear at the top of their ranked results. Other sites are starting to implement similar approaches to try to cut down on “fake news” and offensive or untruthful content.

People are better than pure algorithms at detecting and rewarding quality results!

Rating search results

Such a function on a search engine should let you say whether you like the result or if it’s irrelevant, whether it is spam, offensive or even malicious, and add details to improve poor or missing descriptions.

When you rate a result for good quality or flag bad results, you are improving search for yourself and everyone.

Quality rate search results on findx

Become a quality rater on Findx

When you hover over the thumbs-up symbol at the top right of a result, you’ll see a number of choices.

  • Rate a result as great, ok, or irrelevant.
  • Flag results that are in the wrong language.
  • Report broken links as Page not found.
  • If you are searching with the safe search filter enabled, you can report adult content.
  • Report spam, offensive or malicious content as harmful or deceptive.

Click on the comment symbol and you can submit better titles and descriptions for search results to our moderators.

It’s better when everyone contributes

Social rating is a system that works well. Similar to how lots of feedback allows you to find the best products, improves the maps on OpenStreetMap, or helps you find great social media posts, contributing will let the best search results rise to the top of the list.

Great results on findx

Let us know what you think

Do you have any other ideas about how search results can be improved? We’d love to know what you think about our social quality rating features on Findx. Join the discussions in our online community.


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