Findx indexes European and English-language sites

Actually, no search engine can search the entire web! There are only so many sites that a search engine can spider and add to its index each day. Even the big and established search engines have this limitation, and they don’t have every single webpage in their index. The web is growing faster than it can be indexed!

Findx is a new search engine, and we want it to create a high quality index, to get started we have therefor prioritised what sites are visited by the findxbot spider. Findx is an independent European search engine, which is why sites from Europe and English-speaking countries are spidered first so that findx can provide you with relevant results.

Why doesn’t findx search the entire web?

As an independent search engine and not a metasearch engine, findx doesn’t rely on any index created by another search engine: findx must build its own index from scratch. Read more about how search engines work here

This takes time, of course, especially when starting from scratch. Our findxbot crawler can only visit a certain number of pages and add them to the index each day. But we want you to see relevant results as quickly as possible, which is why we have limited the crawler to index only certain areas of the internet to start with.

Over time, once we have thoroughly canvassed these areas, findx will expand

What does findx index?

At first we want to provide results relevant for people living in Europe, this is why we specifically include all country-specific top-level domains (TLDs) from European countries and off course the .com domain.

Top level domains are the highest level of ‘categorisation’ of web site addresses. For example, each country has their own top-level domain: web addresses ending in .de, .dk, .fr, .es,, and so on.

In addition we index a number of sponsored and generic TLDs like .edu, .gov, .museum, .org and .net.

Non-indexed top-level domains

As a European search engine, we aren’t indexing all top level domains. Findx doesn’t index sites from countries in Africa, Russia, China and other non-English speaking countries outside of Europe, as these are languages we don’t explicitly “support”, at least when findx is in the initial phases of building a quality index.

For example, findx does not index: .ru (Russia), .cn (China), .hn (Honduras), .mm (Myanmar)

Some top level domains are used heavily to scam users, to host malware, or for malicious advertising, which is why these are explicitly ignored by the findx spider.

This includes domain names like .ninja, .click, .club and .download.

See the full list of non-indexed top level domains on findx

What if I want to search a non-indexed domain?

If you think findx should include a domain that is currently not being indexed, or you believe we should remove a certain domain from being indexed, please join our online community and leave us your recommendation. We value and consider all feedback that we receive – only with your help can findx become the best!




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