The findx private search engine public beta is live!

Findx has launched and we are delighted to announce that the public beta is live!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the closed beta program – you gave us invaluable feedback which allowed us to reach this milestone, and we truly appreciate your help and continued support.

The index is growing

Our spider, the findxbot, is crawling through our indexing queue, adding more and more pages to the index every day. Of course, trawling through all the pages of the internet can take a while, but you will see your findx search results improving over time.

Use this page to add your site to the findx indexing queue.

As a European search engine, we aren’t indexing all top level domains. The ones we don’t include are typically either outside the EU or in languages other than English.

You can improve the search results too!

With the quality rating features, you can let findx know whether a results was great, ok, or irrelevant, or report broken links, malicious content, and results that are not safe for children (if you are using the safe-search option). You can also suggest improvements for inaccurate or missing titles and descriptions. When you become a quality rater, you improve results for both yourself and everyone else.

Quality rate search results on findx

Want to know more about findx features?

Findx doesn’t just search for web pages, but it has specialised search functions for products, images, and videos, as well as map search and route planning. Take advantage of all of the features of findx, and keep your searches, no matter what you are searching for, private.

There are some additional advanced features and a host of useful settings where you can adjust how search results are rated: We will discuss all of these in upcoming blog posts. Keep watching this space!

Invite your friends to improve their privacy

Privacy regulations are being eroded in many countries, and the larger search engines increasing the range of personal data they collect (and sell!) We looked at some of these changes in our March roundup of interesting links about online privacy. It makes sense to switch to a private search engine: Your searches and personal data are never tracked with findx, we promise!

Private search engines are better than the traditional big search engines in many ways. Private search engines don’t set cookies to track where you go on the web, they don’t track your searches and they don’t typically guess what you want to see and show you biased results. There are many more (good) features of private search engines – read our post on what private search engines are and how they compare to traditional search engines. Read: What is a private search engine?

Encourage your friends to start caring about their online privacy, and invite them to try searching in private with findx today.

Because we are passionate about helping people protect their privacy, we ask you to share this post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or whatever social media platform you prefer. Please help us help more people protect their privacy online.

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