Roundup from May: The AMA on reddit was the highlight

Shortly after the findx public beta was released, we held an AMA (ask me anything) on reddit. We were overwhelmed and very happy with the response from the reddit community, who asked loads of questions and gave us valuable feedback. Our AMA even hit the front page of reddit – it gave us one more reason to celebrate how far we’ve come!

We hit a new record for the number of searches and traffic on findx, with a peak of 250 searches per minute, with an overall 50,000 searches processed on May 16. Through this, we found we did not have enough capacity booked with our map search provider: Private web search was in demand, and so was private route planning and we found we did not have enough capacity booked with our map search provider.

We have taken the many suggestions and great feedback on board, and we are working our way through the issues raised.

If you missed the AMA, you can reach us at our subreddit /r/findxofficial, or join our online community and ask your questions there.

Why we can’t crawl all websites

We’ve improved our spider over the last months and it ran into some issues with crawling certain popular websites. We’ve asked for permission, but have been denied access to crawl some of them.

Not all websites allow every spider to trawl through their web pages – some sites allow only a few search engines to index their site. For example, some sites only allow Google, others only allow Yandex. All search engines have this problem, not just findx. Here is some more information about the sites that have not allowed findx to index.

At the moment, both Quora and Yelp have denied our request that findx be allowed to index their sites, and we are waiting to hear back from Facebook, Github and LinkedIn. But you can use a search exit to quickly and easily repeat your search on those specific sites. Simply type !q in the search box to jump to Quora, or !fb for Facebook.

Links we loved in May

Reading about and promoting online privacy is something we do every day – here are some of the articles we read and loved in May.

Privacy in Europe

  • Silicon Valley tech lobbyists swarm Brussels. ( – Read article
  • EU data protection watchdogs support stronger ePrivacy legislation ( – Read article
  • EU privacy reform can increase trust, user empowerment, but must be done right (Mozilla) – Read article

Privacy in the US

  • “Google starts tracking offline shopping – what you buy in store in person” ( – Read article
  • How privacy became a commodity for the rich and powerful (The NYT) – Read article




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