Meet Us at the 2017 European Conference on Data Ethics

The first European Data Ethics Forum will be in Copenhagen on 29 September 2017. It aims to showcase the best instances of privacy tech and data ethical companies, and provide an opportunity for all interested to share their knowledge and experiences.

All companies are impacted by data ethics or online privacy issues these days, so this is an important and insightful event that you should pencil into your calendar.

Ethical search at the European Data Ethics Forum

Privacore has been invited to speak at the conference as a good example of a privacy tech company, which sees data ethics as a business advantage. Brian Schildt will talk about following privacy by design principles at work, and what benefits and limitations there are. He will also describe the business model of  findx, our independent, European and private search engine.

Other privacy tech speakers will cover privacy in browsers, behavioural ads and tracking, private chat, fitness trackers, and more.

Data ethics and the right to privacy

There will be several presentations on the right to privacy, the right to be forgotten, giving customers control of their own data, and dealing with customer data ethically. The dilemmas posed by artificial intelligence will also be discussed.

You’ll have many chances to join break-out discussions throughout the day, and have time at the end to connect with like-minded people interested in data ethics and privacy.

The conference is organised by and Dansk IT and is shaping up to be one of the biggest events this year. Have a look at the full conference programme and sign up to attend.

Will you join us? – We would love to  see you there!


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