What are search exits on Findx?

You’ve searched for a term, but the site that you wanted to find wasn’t in the search results list. Of course, you can go to the site you wanted to search on, and search directly there. It’s just a couple of additional steps.

Search exits, when they are supported by search engines, eliminate some of those steps. They make searching faster and less frustrating, especially for Findx at a time where we are extending our index and our search engine isn’t allowed to index certain sites.

How search exits work

When you type in a search exit after your phrase, the search engine sends your search phrase to the target site and jumps you there to see that site’s search results for your phrase. You don’t have to manually go to the site, enter your phrase again and search. It eliminates a couple of steps, so you can get the results you want quicker.

Findx - search exit to Wikipedia
Findx – search exit to Wikipedia

Some meta-search engines support such ‘exits’ because they don’t have a huge index themselves. DuckDuckGo calls them Bangs, and they have several thousand of them. There are many ‘cheat sheets’ available which collect the most useful Bangs or ‘exits’ to make it faster for you to use.

It really saves a lot of time, and some frustration!

Do search exits impact privacy?

As search exits are just redirects, a private search engine that doesn’t track your search, will not save your search phrase or your personal details. But once you leave the private search engine using a search exit, the target site may not be as strict with your privacy.

Findx search exits

Findx has chosen to implement some of the most use full search exits, to make it easier for you to find the exit you need. When you start typing “!…”, you will see that the autocomplete helps you out by suggesting a search exit based on the characters you have typed.

The most common search exits from findx

To help you get started using search exits, here are some that are commonly used. For the full list, please see the findx help for search exits.

!gGoogle Encrypted
!biBing image search
!gmGoogle Maps
!osmOpen Street Maps

Want more search exits?

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