Findx September update – apps for download, browser extensions and privacy tech talks

In addition to improving the Findx index by removing millions of spam sites, we’ve also released extensions for the popular browsers, and the Findx apps for mobile devices are now available on Google play and the Apple App Store.


Findx apps for mobile

We are thrilled to be able to offer mobile apps – we want to make sure you can easily search in private, and not have your online behaviour tracked by the search engines. Findx mobile apps let you search and browse in private and block trackers and ads.


Learn more about the features of the Findx mobile apps here

Add Findx to your browser to make private search easy

The add-ons automatically set the default search to use Findx, as well as the homepage and new-tab page. This means you won’t have to manually go to the Findx webpage to search – you can do it from the convenience of the search or address fields in your browser!

Get help with installing the add-ons in your browser


2017 European Data Ethics Forum

Brian Schildt speaking at the DataEthics Forum ©Optin4Privacy
Brian Schildt speaking at the DataEthics Forum – Image:©Optin4Privacy

Friday 29. of September, Brian Schildt spoke about Findx, private search and online secrets at the first ever European Data Ethics Forum, organised by and DanskIT. The event was very well attended and had a fascinating lineup of speakers, including  Mozilla, TomTom, LEGO, Wire, Purism, and more. We had some amazing discussions and debates, and look forward to follow all the privacy-tech companies from here on – watch presentations an more here

Findx backend

Some of you may have read the post about the Findxbot. A follow up on that is that we’ve paused the crawler for some weeks in September,  because we needed to work on some perfomance issues and a bot behaviour we needed to correct, that in a rare scenario caused a website to be indexed which shouldn’t have been. We are now close to pushing a new release.


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