Findx goes mobile – Private search apps for iOS and Android are now available

Findx is now available as a native app for iOS and Android devices: Search and browse the internet in private and be pestered by fewer ads with the built-in advertisement and tracking blocker.

The Findx apps are now available in the App Store and Google Play, and you can now take advantage of browsing and searching in private, and keep your secrets secret!

Unbiased search that doesn’t track your history

By using the Findx app, your browsing history will be deleted by default – this prevents others from seeing the history of how you use your device, and gets rid of the clutter from endless lists of browsing habits.

The Findx search engine builds and maintains its own independent search index. You don’t need to worry that the search results you see are doctored or biased in any way – what you see is what everyone sees. You get truly unbiased search results when you use Findx.

Reclaim your privacy and block those ads

Findx uses tracking lists to identify advertisers and others who track your online behavior, and removes the cross‑site tracking data they leave behind. You won’t be recognized when you visit a website – the tracking blocker lets you reclaim your privacy online. No one will ever know what you searched for or which pages you visited. If you need convincing, you can take a look into our open-source code available on GitHub.

A lot of the screen can be covered with ads when you browse popular websites, especially on mobile. The Findx ad-blocker will save you time and frustration by reducing the numbers of ads you see.

Keep your location private

One of the most common searches when people are on-the-go are for directions. Now you can search for locations and directions in private within the Findx apps. Your location and your searches are not saved by Findx, so advertisers and third-parties can’t profile you based on your location.


Findx app for mobile

Contribute and improve the web for everyone

You can rate the quality of results and make searching with Findx better for everyone. Let the search engine know whether a result was good or inappropriate, and suggest improvements to the search result title and description.

Take control of your privacy and stop unwanted people tracking you when you search and browse the web. Get the Findx app from the App Store or Google Play today.