December roundup – Danish result improvements, instant answers and more!

Improving results at Findx

We’ve been tackling the problem of the quality of results in a number of ways here at Findx.

Improve results in one language to improve them all

Now that Findx has been in public beta for some time, we are focusing on improving the index. But testing various tweaks to see what works in 10+ languages at once is like trying to find a needle in a haystack! This is why we have been focusing heavily on Danish search results.

This has come with its own challenges – the Danish language is not so straightforward to search in – there are many different ways to spell words with the same or similar meanings. Making the search engine recognise these variants plus conjugated verbs and more, is called search widening. With the help of the STO lexical database from the Center for Language Technology, we are making great progress – and a huge thanks to CST for making it possible to access these resources.

It’s safer to search for Christmas gifts using Findx

At Findx we’ve handed  over a list of domains to The State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime (SØIK). While we were improving Danish results we identified a huge number of fake shops on Danish domains.  All the fake shops we have identified on Danish (.dk) domains so far, have been removed from our index and you’ll not find them on Findx.

No adult content

Many sites were being pulled in from adult content sites, both good and bad, and they were cluttering up our indexing queue, so we made the decision that Findx will not index adult content sites. We don’t want Findxbot to drown in spam – we want it to find relevant pages for you, quickly!

If you do find irrelevant, malicious or adult content – please report it. Please use our quality rating feature that you can see on every result – OBS: To report a site as 18+ you need to disable safe search.

A small Christmas present – New instant answers

Have you seen our new features yet?

  • Weather: Search for “weather “+ your location in Findx, and you’ll see a forecast for your location! View more to see detailed information about the chance of rain, wind speed and more. Check the weather at Findx HQ
  • Calculator: Or, type in a sum in the search field and press Enter, and a calculator will pop right up and give you the answer, much faster than calculating in your head. – How many hours is 24/7 for an entire year?
  • Timer: If you want to set a quick timer, but can’t be bothered going to your smart phone and finding the right app – simply type “timer 1min” in the Findx search field to set and start a timer – it will do a happy dance in green when your time is up!


Safer Christmas gift shopping on mobile? Sure!

Speaking of new features – have you tried our apps? Our private browsers with Findx built in as their search engine are now live. Download the apps for iOS or Android, and start browsing and searching in private, without advertisers stalking you with loads of cookies. Let us know what you think!

Upcoming events

Making online shopping even safer by indicating certified retailers

We are also making shopping safer online in another way.  In collaboration with e-maerket, Findx is fighting the fake online shops in Denmark, and while we are focusing on Danish results we are testing various ways of indicating products found on Findx that are sold by certified e-maerket shops. Sign up for our email updates to learn more about our progress.

Data Privacy Day – January 28

This year’s Data Privacy Day will focus on why privacy matters, turn the spotlight on privacy in the growing network of social media services and wearables, and how to foster a culture of privacy awareness at work.

Keep an eye on the #ChatSTC hashtag on Twitter on the 10, 17, and 24 January at 3 pm EST for privacy tips and discussions, and #PrivacyAware on all social media channels outside of those times.

More Data Privacy Day events online and around the world

Safer Internet Day – February 6

Safer Internet Day is celebrated in 130 countries worldwide, and aims to raise awareness of various issues such as cyber-bullying, social networking, data privacy and more. This year’s theme is “Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you”.

Read more about Safer Internet Day