About Privacore

At Privacore we value transparency, privacy and freedom above all, and our purpose is to enable people to protect their privacy online.

Our Beliefs

The web should be transparent. You should be able to browse and search freely, and be sure that algorithms do not hide information for you.

Privacy should not be sacrificed when you are online. You should be able to control who accesses and shares your personal identifying information.

Our Mission

We want to create a transparent and private online experience for you. We want to enable people to take action and improve the web.

Creating Transparency

We want to create online transparency by providing web search algorithms that can be accessed and adjusted by you, and by creating awareness about and protection from personal tracking techniques on the web.

We want you to have a safe option to the current surveillance capitalism. We want to be open and honest about our services, without causing any harm. We will share as much of our source code as possible.

Privacore’s Privacy Promise

We abide by our privacy promise, never to save personal identifiable information about how people use our services.

Privacy by Design

Our core principles guide our company and the software we create.

Meet the Privacore Team

The Privacore team is small but highly focussed and passionate about privacy. Read more about CEO Brian Rasmussen, developers Ai Lin Chia and Ivan Skytte Jørgensen, and CRO Brian Schildt.



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Contact information:

Privacore ApS
Ahlgade 21. 1st
DK-4300 Holbæk
CVR: 36479604

Get in touch

Brian Schildt, CRO
+45 71 99 31 34