The core team

The core team of Privacore is working in Holbaek, in the greater Copenhagen area in Denmark.

Brian Rasmusson, CEO and Founder

“We are doing crazy things that nobody thinks will succeed, but easy projects are no fun 😉 Persistence is key” – This how Brian expresses the Privacore projects. By this, he underlines that Findx is a large scale project, and that he expects to have challenges along the way.

Brian is a successful entrepreneur and he decided to start Privacore in 2015. Privacore creates products and services with a strong focus on people’s online privacy, and he believes it is not too big of a challenge to battle with the more well-known search engines.

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Ai Lin Chia, Senior Software Developer

Ai Lin sees every detail in the C++ development of the search engine backend and takes care of the automatisation of testing on the side.

Ai Lin has a degree in Electrical Engineering from University Teknologi Malysia.

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Ivan Skytte Jørgensen, Senior Software Developer

Ivan is curious if giraffes are bad, or at least uses it to explain about word variations and search widening. Ivan really likes the challenge of coding software, and as he states: “Working professionally as a software developer is just a distraction from my spare-time activities where I also write code.”

Ivan has a background as a developer on a number of large software projects. On the Findx project, Ivan is beautifying the backend C++ code and continually adding new features.

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Brian Schildt, CRO

Brian Schildt is the Chief Relationship Officer at Privacore. Brian is responsible for driving the traction strategies and communication channels for Findx, covering the Findx forum , content marketing, product development and PR. Brian is experienced in building communities and has a background as a graphic designer.

Although online privacy and private search engine development were not initially on his radar, Brian was already spending his time in the start-up environment, and joined the adventure back in 2015.

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