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A private search engine

Findx is a true search engine where you can keep searhgin in private, this means your search history isn't saved, and the results delivering search results from its own index and crawler. What is a private search engine?

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You’re invited to join our community, learn more about privacy issues online, and help us create a search engine that actively supports privacy, transparency and algorithmic accountability.
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Private and transparent search with findx

A true search engine

Findx is still in an early phase - our index is not yet “complete”. Search results may not be the most comprehensive. We simply haven’t had enough time to crawl everywhere. You can sign up for beta access  and follow how our independent index is growing, and you are very welcome to try out the different features of findx. Get an overview of the features of a private, unbiased, search engine here

Contribute to get better results

Finding relevant results on a private search engine is as important as on a normal search engine. But for findx it is important to be transparent and let everyone improve the search results. This is why we have made it possible for any one to contribute to our search results . Find out how you can contribute to search results

Search history is not saved

Findx does not save your search history. It doesn’t track your online behaviour, and never collects your personal identifiable information. Findx is a free search engine, providing freedom from worry. We will never make your personal information into our “product”. Read more about why findx doesn't save your search history