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Findx is a search engine based in Europe, one that respects your privacy and provides you with unbiased search results.

As a European search engine, Findx fully complies with European laws and regulations, and is hosted in Europe.

A private search engine

We don’t collect or share any of your personal information and we don’t track your searches or behaviour. Read our privacy promise

Findx provides you with equal access to all information on the web. Unlike some other search engines, we don’t filter, rank or hide web content based on your browsing history (your filter bubble).

We also don’t target advertisements to fit your profile and historical behaviour, because we don’t track you. We simply show ads directly related to the content you search for.

Neutral search results

Unlike other private search engines, Findx is not a metasearch engine.

We don’t rely on any of the big search engines – we do our own indexing and use our own data to provide search results. As a search engine valuing transparency, Findx is an open source project. We share as much of our source code as possible.

We will also be implementing “algorithmic accountability”, and create transparency about the works of our algorithms. In addition will let everyone adjust how our search algorithms should work for them.

Contribute to improve search results

You can improve everyone’s searching experience by providing feedback, rating search results, flagging content that is inappropriate or wrongly described, and contributing missing content in the search results.

Your contributions are anonymous, but you can join our community to discuss further.

Join the discussion

If you are interested in learning more about privacy and transparency on the web, want to contribute to the discussion, or share suggestions to improve the way Findx works, please join our forum.

We collect minimal information when you create an account on our forum, and promise never to link it to your search history. We promise to keep your information private. You can also sign up for our newsletter – be the first to find out about product updates and news from around the world about online privacy and web search technology.

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