Features of Findx – An overview

Findx wants you to feel safe and private when you search. To ensure transparency, Findx is a search engine built as an open source project, this means you can ask any qualified software developer to take a look at the code that provides the search results and see how web pages, products, images, videos, places and routes are found.

Just like traditional search engines, Findx has a variety of useful features, but everything you do on Findx is private.

  • No search history – We only see the phrase you search for, and nothing else about you, your previous searches or your online history.
  • Improve search results – Collaborate with your fellow searchers and contribute your feedback to improve search results for everyone.
  • Shopping search – Search for gifts in private, without worrying that your intended recipient will see ads related to your search!
  • Private route planning – Keep details of your planned routes to yourself using our private map search feature.
  • Image search – Findx searches popular image services which have quality moderation, so you know the images that you (and your children) see are safe.
  • Video search – You can search for videos and browse results in private. To ensure the highest level of privacy, use Findx with our private browser Privafox.

Quality rate search results on findx

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