Because Findx is a new and independent search engine, it is creating its own index from scratch. It is great that we don’t have to rely on the good will of any one source. But that does mean that our index, at the moment, is much smaller than the established search engines and metasearch engines. It is growing daily though!

If you haven’t found what you were searching for on Findx, you can use search exits to jump to another source and perform the same search there.

Findx search exits

We have added a large number of search exits into each different type of search on Findx. When you don’t find what you were looking for, all you need to do is to type the search exit for a particular site into Findx, and you will be sent to search results on that source.

After your search phrase, simply type an exclamation mark and the first letter of the source you want to jump to. For example, to repeat your search on wikipedia, type !w.

Findx - search exits
Findx – search exit to Wikipedia

You’ll see that Findx shows you the other possible search exits that start with ‘w’.

Please be aware that using an exit on Findx doesn’t protect you from tracking on the sources you use.

Common search exits from Findx search

To help you get started using search exits, here are some that are commonly used. For the full list, please see the Findx help for search exits.

!gGoogle Encrypted
!biBing image search
!mFindx Maps
!osmOpen Street Maps