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Instead of maintaining our own index of images online, and needing to invest in a huge storage facility to host many terabytes of images, Findx anonymously searches legitimate and popular image hosting sites.

As these sites have high levels of moderation, you won’t need to worry about your children stumbling across unsafe images.

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Where does Findx look for images?

Findx returns images found on Shutterstock. It is one of the most popular image services with a huge library of stock photos, royalty free images and graphics. You don’t need pay for a subscription to purchase individual stock photos or use any of their royalty free images.

We will be adding more images services in the near future.

Transparency in image search

Searching for “tennis” will return images related to tennis, this is done without tracking you. To fund our truly independent and private search engine, we do use affiliate links for some images search results, meaning we earn a small commission if you choose to buy an image on Shutterstock after you have found them via Findx.

What other services would you recommend?

Please let us know if you have a favourite image service that you’d like Findx to include in its search – join our online community and leave us a message!

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