Private map search and route planning

You have almost certainly used a route planner before – you enter your starting point and your destination, and it automatically finds the route between your destinations.

At Findx, we believe map search and route planning are features you’ll appreciate to keep private.  Just imagine you want to take the children on a surprise weekend trip away – you can do that with Findx. There will be no noisy teenagers looking at your map search history or your route planning  – with Findx you can be certain to keep it a surprise!

Private map search

You can find hotels in Copenhagen, look at Monaco’s harbour, or the road names of your home town – No tracking, no history, and no ads popping up for tourist locations on all the websites you visit afterwards. Type in any address you want to visit in private: Findx doesn’t track your locations or routes.

Private map search alternative - findx

Try searching in private for Copenhagen Central station on Findx


Plan your trip in private

Whether you want to go on a surprise trip with your wife, or want to keep the route to Disneyland Paris secret from the kids, you can simply click on the route marker, enter your starting point and your destination, and click Go. The best route will be quickly calculated and displayed.

Of course, you can print the directions to take with you on your trip.

And rest assured, we don’t save any of your routes, where you’ve been, or if you took a detour!


Private route planning alternative | findx

Try planning you way home from Copenhagen Central station in private on Findx 

Contribute to improve the map

In alignment of the philosophy that everybody can  contribute to improve search Findx uses OpenStreetMap – a collaborative, open source project which provides a free, editable map of the world. Anyone can contribute to this project, coordinated by the OpenStreetMap Foundation, a non-profit organisation registered in England and Wales.

Findx isn’t the only one – Craigslist, Geocaching, and FourSquare are just some of the other web services that use OpenStreetMap.

Contributors respond immediately when disasters devastate areas, providing invaluable updated maps to humanitarian aid workers. They also help to build maps in places where risks are too high for commercial companies to send their workers in. We love how well collaboration works to improve the world!

What do you think of this feature?

Is there anything you would like us to improve? We welcome all feedback, good and bad – leave a post in our online community!

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