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The lack of something is rarely described as a feature. But it is probably one of the most important features for a private search engine like Findx.

When you are using Findx, you are safe from surveillance, your online behaviour is not tracked – that is the whole idea behind a private search engine.

Why doesn’t Findx save your search history?

We value people’s online privacy, including yours, so every single time you search on Findx, it is anonymous. None of your searches, our services, or any third party will be able to link your previous searches to you – every time you search, it is as if it’s the first time. And you can keep searching in private – we don’t save your history, and we can’t share it.

That means we can’t use your history to guess what types of search results you will find most useful. We do not build a filter bubble around what you search for because we can’t bias the search results based on your online behaviour. It also means we can’t use your online history to target you with ads that follow you around the web.

But I see ads on Findx, why?

We do display ads – that is our way of earning money. But they are never based on any previous searches you made or other behaviour that can be related to you. When we use your search term to find the same results for you as for any one else, we use keywords from the search to display contextual ads – they are directly relevant to that one search, and that search only – but they are not in anyway related to you as an individual.

Private web search results on findx

You kan keep searching in private on Findx, every search will be private and not related to previous searches 

Want to know how to improve search results?

We have made Findx a search engine where people can participate to improve web search. The results that we continuously strive to improve ourselves, get even better with your contributions.  Take a look at how: You can report whether a search result was great, not so good, or irrelevant; note if it was in the wrong language; report broken links and deceptive or malicious web pages. You can also recommend changes to a search result’s title and description.

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