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Searching for items to buy is annoying if you have to go to each individual website, and use their search function. That’s where search engines come in handy.

Shopping goes hand-in-hand with ads, and once you send the “I’m ready to buy a pair of tennis shoes” signal, marketeers will stalk you with ads for the products you have searched for – Findx doesn’t.

Findx doesn’t store your search terms, so you can search for that birthday present for your partner or child, without worrying that ads for it will appear when someone else uses your computer or phone and browses the internet. You don’t want to spoil their surprise!

Private search - Shopping features

Try finding some new tennis shoes without getting haunted by ads afterwards 

More online stores will be added soon

At the moment, Findx returns products found on eBay. This is the first small step and we are planning to add more online retailers to improve product search results.

If I click on a result, is my search still private?

You search is private, as is browsing the result previews within Findx. However, once you select a product, you will leave Findx, and your privacy will then be handled according to the terms of the online retailer. But there is no direct link between your identity and your searches in Findx, and we will not know if or what you buy.

Transparency in shopping search

As you can see, searching for “tennis” will return products related to tennis, this is done without tracking you. To fund our truly independent and private search engine, we do use affiliate links for shopping search results, meaning we earn a small commission if you choose to buy a product on eBay after you find it via Findx. We don’t track your purchases at all, and we don’t save your search history. eBay notes where you entered from (i.e. from Findx) and simply sends us a small commission if you do buy something.

What would you like to see?

Which shops would you like to see added? Are there any other improvements we can make to help your shopping experience better? Let us know in our online community – we welcome all feedback!


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