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When searching for a video on the internet, there are few places where this type of content is hosted. YouTube is one of the biggest video-hosting site, and you’ll typically get the most accurate results when you use these sites to search.

Findx searches YouTube anonymously for you – we do not track what you search for, and we make it so that YouTube can’t track your searches when you browse the results.

Searching for videos is private, playing it will be tracked

Browsing through the videos that Findx lists is private – you are not tracked.

However, we can’t offer you the ability to watch a video anonymously. YouTube will track each play, and store your personal information (IP address, language, country, etc.) When you click on a video result in Findx, you will see a warning to this effect.


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Find tennis videos in private without having your interest for tennis related to other searches you make

Where should I watch the video?

You’ve found a video you want to watch, but should you watch the video on Findx or on YouTube?

It really doesn’t matter!

Findx can remember your choice, so you aren’t pestered by this choice each time you search for and play a video.

But I want to watch videos anonymously!

The best way to limit how much personal information video services save when you play a video, use Findx within the Findx apps, our private browsers for desktop and mobile. By default, the Findx apps limit how much information tracking scripts can access.

That means that playing videos within Findx in the Findx apps is as private as possible.

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How can we improve our video search?

Let us know what you think of our video search – if you like it, or if you’d like it to change in any way. Please join our online community and give us your feedback!

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What is a private search engine?

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