Control online tracking

Stop online tracking and intrusive ads by easily blocking third parties from accessing your information. Privacontrol gives you control of your privacy.

Control the trackers

Many websites uses third parties to track their visitors' behaviour. Information about your personal habits are widely collected and used target you with specific advertisements. Now you can take control who sees what you do when you are online. With Privacontrol you can discover and control precisely who is tracking you.

Read more about online tracking and why it matters

Want more control?

There are many ways to get in control of your privacy online.

Privacore has established an online community where people can share their experiences with online tracking, and explain how they have personally taken control of their online privacy. Visit Privacore’s forum and register now

Getting started with blocking trackers

Need help?

Although Privacontrol is intuitive, you may need more detailed information about some of the settings, updates, or want to know how to add new entries to the filter list. At the moment we are creating som guides to help you get started blocking the trackers

What are filter lists?

Filter lists specify which ads and trackers are ok, and which are bad. It is especially important to block malware and spyware. They are an important part of Privacontrol.

Allow ads but not tracking

If you like seeing ads, that’s ok – you can still be in control – you will not be tracked. Ads are not based on your private, online habits, because you control what the trackers see.