Privacy by Design principles

By definition, true Privacy by Design means that your personal data is not able to be technically ‘snooped’ by a central third party, in this case that would be us.  But the very nature of the web allows third parties to collect your personal and behavioural information – storing it, using it, and disclosing it to other parties. A web store could, for example, gather information about our browsing habits and sell the information to online marketers so they know what to offer us.

Behavioural tracking – or collecting and interpreting market research data from browsing sessions – has evolved into a billion-dollar business in which vast amounts of human data change hands for large sums of money. This is undermining our privacy in ways which most of us are still largely unaware. But with the internet’s current technology, we do not have the possibility to guarantee your privacy. But we do strive to follow the principles, and rely on your trust.

Privacy by Design principles

The current state of personal data on the internet

When you visit web pages, you browse across a myriad of data collection points without giving your permission, except perhaps for cookies. First, an anonymous system tracks your search history and browsing habits. Then it feeds your user profile to marketers who use it for targeted advertising. This holds you inside a filter bubble where algorithms feed selected information to you, while isolating you from what you may be looking for, or even more relevant information.

Hear what Britain’s Information Commissioner says about this practice.

“We would like to see more organisations integrating core privacy considerations into existing project management, and risk management methodologies and policies.”

The Commissioner wants web-based businesses to build consumer privacy into their culture.

The promises we make and keep

Privacore will lead by example. We made a non-negotiable, positive decision NOT to monitor and track individual user behaviour in all of our products, and to respect consumer privacy. We actually went further, and deleted all tracking code from our software. But even then, our guarantee of privacy is one based on trust, technically the nature of browsing the web would still allow us to collect data about you – but we don’t.  We are continually discussing different methods and projects to find a way to guarantee your privacy technically.

We want to give you an easy and secure way to control your privacy within this safe environment we have created. With us, you are opted-out from all tracking unless you make a conscious decision to opt in to each individual website. To achieve this, the default settings in our products are set to the maximum privacy level, and you can control what you want to share.

Read our Privacy Promise

Our seven core principles

We build our products to meet our “Privacy by Design” principles and we subscribe to the following foundational values in everything we do.

  1. Proactive not Reactive; Preventative not Remedial
    We have taken proactive, not reactive, measures when designing our software. Our privacy by design methodology anticipates and prevents invasive events before they happen. With Privacore, you do not need to worry about privacy violations, because they cannot happen, without your consent.
  2. Privacy as the Default Setting
    We incorporated a high level of privacy into our products by default. This gives you the maximum privacy by ensuring that your personal data is automatically protected when you access any information system or make any transaction. You don’t need to do anything additional, your privacy is guaranteed.
  3. Privacy Embedded into Design
    We made privacy the foundation and cornerstone of all our products, and embedded it into our systems architecture and business practices. This is not an extra or an afterthought. It is the foundation of our products and services. Privacy is an essential component of all core functionality we deliver.
  4. Full Functionality – Positive-Sum, not Zero-Sum
    We strive to incorporate all parties’ interests, so that we achieve our business objectives, and our clients maintain their privacy in a win / win manner. We do our best to avoid trade-offs that reduce our quality of service. We continuously show by our actions and products that privacy and website security are not at opposite ends of the spectrum. With Privacore, this contradiction is resolved.
  5. End-to-End Security – Full Lifecycle Protection
    This is the technical guarantee that we not yet can give you to the full extend, but we have secured our services in the best possible way, end embedded privacy by design right from the start, this extends throughout our products’ lifecycles from concept and design, through development, to the final products. If you complete a transaction, we do not collect your personal data.
  6. Visibility and Transparency – Keep it Open
    Privacore assures its clients and stakeholders that every line of code and every aspect of our business practice align seamlessly with these foundational principles. All aspects of our business are transparently visible and subject to independent verification, to ensure we operate according to the promises that we make.
  7. Respect for People’s Privacy – Keep it People-Centric
    Above all things we undertake to place our clients’ interests on a higher pedestal than our own. We do so by providing unwaveringly high privacy defaults, and always providing advance notice of changes to our service. We will continue to strive to improve our user interfaces, until Privacore is truly user-centric.


“To us Privacy by Design is about building privacy and user control into the core of our products, but even that is technically Privacy by Policy in internet’s current state.”
– BR, Privacore founder