Privacy Promise

We promise never to collect any personal information about your behaviour or choices when you use any Privacore service or product.

Why your privacy matters to us

Many online services collect, store, and sell data about your online behaviour – without your knowledge or consent. Because of how the web works, all you have to do is click a link, and you unwittingly opt into whatever data tracking and analysis scheme the resulting page uses. Once a user profile on you has been built, it is kept forever. You are not given a fair chance to negotiate, reconsider, or opt out.

That’s why, in today’s hyper-connected world, we believe that you should care about your privacy, just like we care about it.

If we ever suspect that our services might put your personal information at risk, we will change the way we do things in order to maintain your privacy, even if it means we are less profitable. For us, your privacy trumps everything.

There are two basic principles that guide how we handle your information:

  1. Voluntarily shared information only
    Your data belongs to you and no one else. You control when and what data you share with us, and you have the right to know what is stored and to have all your personal data removed whenever you want it to be deleted.
  2. Less is more
    The less personal information we collect from you, and the shorter the time we keep it, the better.

What is private between us?

Since your data belongs to you, we work hard to make it as easy as possible for you to control your personal information. To us, privacy is all about what we do with the data you entrust us with when you use our services.

Information about you

Providing services guided by our “Less is More” principle, is a complex problem, because you provide a lot of data involuntarily. However, we are committed to maintaining your privacy and we do not hesitate to make the extra effort to avoid collecting that data. This means removing or masking information that can identify you, for example:

  • IP addresses
  • User Agent information
  • Data from behavioral cookies

Other search engines and browser software record your behaviour (search history, cookies with behavioural tracking, etc.). They use your data to build a user profile and deliver targeted ads. Some – without your permission – then sell your user profile to third-parties, so they can also track and target you. We promise never to do any of this.

What we keep private when you use our service

To provide you with a better browsing and searching experience, we collect some generalised data. For example, we store and analyse data about what is and isn’t clicked on – we do not collect data about who is doing the clicking. We never store your IP address or any other data that can identify you. We only capture aggregate, anonymous data.

For now we provide our services at no cost to you by:

  • Contextual ads from partners
    We never disclose your IP address or other information that can identify you to our partners. We only let them see the search term, your geographical region (country/state) and language.
  • Affiliate deals
    We are affiliates of some of the larger online shops, and may attach our affiliate ID to the links you see in our search results. If you decide to buy something from our partner’s site, we get a small commission that helps us to continue providing our services to you. We do not receive any information about what you buy.

Privacore services do not share your personal data with anyone – we do not even collect it., our private web search engine, logs search terms, which we use to provide features like “Did you mean —___” suggestions, and display contextualised advertisements. If you choose to save your settings, findx saves the setting cookies (in a folder called on your device. Findx reads these cookies to use the settings you chose.

Privafox, our web browser, is specifically designed to not save your browsing history, and your bookmarks can be password protected so no-one can read them. Occasionally,  Privafox will communicate with Mozilla to verify SSL-certificates, and when you use their add-on store to download browser add-ons. Like us, Mozilla is dedicated to user privacy, and you can read their privacy policy here: Mozilla privacy policy.

Privacontrol, our tracking controller, connects to our server to read lists for blocking online tracking scripts.

What do we keep private when you contact us

If you like (or dislike) our services and want to send us a personal message, you are more than welcome to do so. In that case, we have to collect some contact information so we can reply to you. We also use the web to share content and raise awareness about online privacy. Of course, we want to know which content performs well – so we do collect some (anonymous) information to improve our services.

The data we collect when you visit or contact us

Our company website

Using our “Less is More” principle, we log a tiny bit of data about your behaviour when you visit our website, with these restrictions:

  • Most importantly – we do not save your IP address.
  • We don’t track via social buttons when you visit our site (we use our own open source social share buttons )
  • We only use log file analysis – no analytics or tracking scripts are embedded in our web pages. This allows us to see how our website is used, and improve it based on that knowledge.

Note: We analyse the data using PIWIK analytics (self-hosted) – Your IP address is not logged.

Our forum

We run a forum to support the community – You can ask questions and contribute to provide feedback and help us improve our services. In order to participate, we ask that you let us know how to get in contact with you and fill out a user profile.

  • In this case, we register IP addresses by default to avoid spam.
  • We must save a couple of cookies to allow the forum software to work. But uses no third-party cookies
  • You can delete your profile at any time. We don’t save deleted profiles.

Please read the forum guidelines for further information.
Note: We collect data for usage analysis using the log-files in the forum (self-hosted) – We use log file analytics via PIWIK (technically it is 3rd-party since Matomo (formerly PIWIK) is installed on We do not collect your IP address for analytics.

Mail and list subscriptions

If you send us a support email, we have to log the data we get from you (email address, email content), in order to respond to any questions or concerns you might have.
When you subscribe to receive our newsletter – we take it as a sign that you trust us. To make sure we can keep that trust, we use Sendy (self-hosted) for mail distribution.

  • We can not see if you open the email or click on any links in our newsletter.

We do not share the information you provide us with when you contact us, and we do not correlate it with your use of any Privacore services or software.

When must we share your personal data?

We only share data when required to by law. Of course, we will comply with court-ordered legal requests for data. But since we don’t store any personal data about you, there is almost nothing to provide. The only data we have that could be directly attributed to you, would be the information you provided in our forum and any emails you sent to us.

Some general notes

In our efforts to keep your personal data safe, we may revise our privacy promise from time to time. If we do, we will make every reasonable effort to let you know when it happens and what we decided to change.