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You don’t want to feel like you are being watched when you are browsing the web. Unlike the popular browsers, Privafox allows you to browse in private by default.

Privacy by default

Most browsers have the same weakness – their default privacy settings. When you install any of the standard browsers, you must remember to change the settings to achieve a fair level of privacy, if the browser even has decent privacy options.

We built Privafox and enabled all privacy-enhancing options by default. You don’t have to worry about changing any settings yourself. Privacontrol and findx are integrated into Privafox so you can feel in control when browsing and searching.

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Want more control?

There are many ways to get in control of your privacy online.

Privacore has established an online community where people can share their experiences with online tracking, and explain how they have personally taken control of their online privacy. Visit Privacore’s community to learn more about controlling privacy online, to ask questions, and to share your expertise.

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Need help for Privafox

Do you want to know more about the settings, and how to customise Privafox? We are writing the help documentation right now - until it is finished you can ask a question in the community at any time.

Privafox Features

Privafox is a browser with many familiar features as in other popular bowsers. But we have added additional special features to make it easy for you to control your privacy

Tracking and cookie control

Privafox comes with build in cookie and tracking control, giving you the flexibility to choose exactly what information you allow websites and trackers to access.