Browse in private

Do you want online trackers and advertisement agencies to know about your online behaviour and searches? Probably not. And the solutions for private browsing will be coming to you soon - with Privafox you are allowed to browse in private.

Browse in private with Privafox

You can download endless add-ons and plugins for your browser to make it more private, and leave fewer footprints online – but why not take the leap and download a full privacy-enhanced browser? A browser that defaults to private browsing mode and is enhanced with privacy-protecting features.

We built Privafox and enabled all privacy-enhancing options by default. You don’t have to worry about changing any settings yourself - but you can.

Feature overview

Want more control?

There are many ways to get in control of your privacy online.

Privacore has established an online community where people can share their experiences with online tracking, and explain how they have personally taken control of their online privacy. Visit Privacore’s community to learn more about controlling privacy online, to ask questions, and to share your expertise.

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Get started browsing in private

Why is a private browser needed?

With Privafox you get a Private browser, but why do we think it is better to use a private browser than browsing in “incognito” mode? Read more about private browsing

Protect your bookmarks from your kids

With Privafox you will get a unique feature to protect you from inadvertently disclosing your favourite websites: This is helpful when someone else uses your personal browser. Read more about protecting bookmarks

Tracking and cookie control

With Privacontrol in Privafox you can control and prevent online tracking. You decide whether you want to block all tracking scripts on a website, or to whitelist sites. Read more about tracking protection.