With the Findx apps, we have taken private browsing a step further

You can download endless add-ons and plugins for your browser to make it more private, and leave fewer footprints online – but why not take the leap and download a full privacy-enhanced browser?  Use a browser that defaults to private browsing mode and is enhanced with privacy-protecting features.

Findx app private browsing on desktop with Findx app

With the Findx apps, your browser is set to achieve the best possible privacy by default, and there is no telemetry or unknown add-ons talking to central servers and third parties – it is truly private browsing, and the apps can easily be installed on your desktop or device.

If you aren’t sure why a fully private browser is better than simply using add-ons and plugins in your own browser, here is a list of features of the Findx apps.

Get rid of your browser history automatically

The Findx apps don’t leave your browser history in the browser. By default and automatically, the Findx apps delete your history and remove traces of your online behaviour from the sites that you have been browsing. Read more about browser history

Protect your bookmarks with a password

With the Findx apps you can protect your browsers with a master password. This will prevent unauthorised access to your personal information.  To stop you from inadvertently disclosing your favourite websites, the Findx apps’ browser bookmarks are protected by your personal master password – this is a unique feature available only in the Findx apps. Read more about bookmark protection 

Browse in private without leaving cookies

The Findx apps give you complete control of all cookies with the built-in Cookiecontrol. This gives you a detailed and unique view of the cookies stored in your browser. By default, all third party cookies are blocked, but you can easily allow a website use specific cookies as needed, since not all sites will work as intended when cookies are disallowed. Read more about controlling cookies in your browser

Protect yourself from tracking and block ads

The Findx apps have built-in tracking control. With Privacontrol, you can control which sites and third parties you want to allow to run tracking scripts in your browser. You can block everything or whitelist the ones you use most and trust. The Findx apps have the winning combination of the Cookiecontroller plus Privacontrol built in to keep your browsing private. Read more about tracking protection and ad-blocking

Use a private search engine by default

The Findx apps use Findx, our private search engine, as the built-in search engine. Findx is the default choice for a private search engine, and together with the Findx apps, it further protects your online privacy. Read more about using a private search engine in your browser

Do the Findx apps let me browse anonymously?

It is very important for us to underline that the Findx apps are not Darknet browsers like Tor, and they don’t have the goal of anonymising internet activity.  You can use the Findx apps when you want to browse the internet in private and protect yourself from the so-called surveillance capitalism, and prevent your personal data from being traded in online data auctions.

The Findx apps are easy to install as your default browser on desktop and mobile, and you don’t have to be an IT expert to adjust your privacy settings – they all default to a strong level of privacy.