Browse in private without leaving tracking cookies

The Findx apps give you control of all cookies with their built-in Cookiecontrol – this gives you complete control of the cookies stored in your browser. The Cookiecontroller provides you with an detailed overview of the cookies used by each website.

The Findx apps provide you with a convenient browsing experience, and you can protect cookies from websites you regularly visit: You might want to save your login and other preferred settings, or be able to revisit your shopping basket the next time you go to the site. These kind of cookies are often referred to as first-party cookies, and they are allowed by default in the Findx apps.

By using the Cookiecontroller you are able toggle settings to allow or disallow first-party and third-party cookies easily. By default all third parties are not allowed to store cookies on your computer. This is done to prevent sites like Facebook and the advertising industry from snooping your online behaviour, and collect information about what articles you read on news websites or see what product websites you visit.

Cookies are technically small text files stored locally on your device, and when a cookie is stored, it is used to identify your preferences or behaviour on a website. With the Findx apps you can view each cookie and either protect it or delete it.

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